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Assuming that how the X chromosome passes from mother to child is always a 50-50 combination of both of her X chromosomes (i.e., a perfect combination of the baby's grandfather's and grandmother's X chromosome), you could expect inheritance patterns and prevalence as in the chart below.You'll notice that you're more likely to carry more of the X-chromosome from ancestors along lines with father-daughter occurrences.This means that your X-DNA matches might be found predominantly on one family line over another.This makes the prevalence chart above unreliable in determining actual possible matches.But this does not mean that each chromosome is inherited 50-50.Recombination (also called crossover) may occur at varying amounts - you may get 80% of the chromosome your mother got from her father and 20% of the chromosome she got from her mother.A few known facts about X chromosome recombination: Additionally, there are instances where a mother's X chromosomes do not recombine at all - she instead passes an exact copy of one of her X chromosomes to her child.This can result in an entire family line where you will not have any X-DNA matches. Some studies have suggested only 3% of mother-child events don't have X chromosome recombination, though analysis of DNA test results suggests a slightly higher rate.

Notice that the X-chromosome the daughter got from her father has only one recombination whereas the one she got from her mother has two recombinations.

This is an unsafe assumption: The brothers above would not be an X-match, but this does not mean recombination has not occurred - it's possible that recombination happened for both of them, but that it occurred in exactly opposite locations (this is not uncommon).

Because full matches in men indicate portions of the X chromosome that have remained intact over potentially numerous recombination events, you should consider male-male X-matches with much more interest than any other matches. In this chart, the daughter will be a 100% (196c M) half match to everyone listed EXCEPT her paternal grandfather (no X-chromosome on this path) and her maternal grandmother (the non-recombination results in her not matching any SNPs here). What if the daughter had instead been a son and had inherited the non-recombined X chromosome from his mother...

Again, father-to-daughter events are not subject to recombination.

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An X-DNA test would likely show a stronger relationship to the daughter's paternal grandmother (and her descendants) than to her maternal grandmother or grandfather (and their descendants)... On average, you get around half of your DNA from your mother and half from your father.It's important to note that when comparing any woman, GEDmatch does not indicate X chromosome you match (the one from her maternal grandmother or the one from her maternal grandfather), only that a match exists.

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