Woman uses online dating for meals

17-Jun-2019 02:02

When it comes to getting a date, there's any number of ways people can present themselves and their interests.

One of the newer phenomena is a "foodie call" where a person sets up a date with someone they are not romantically interested in, for the purpose of getting a free meal.

23% of women in this first group revealed they'd engaged in a foodie call. Although women who had engaged in a foodie call believed it was more acceptable, most women believed foodie calls were extremely to moderately unacceptable.

The second study analyzed a similar set of questions of 357 heterosexual women and found 33% had engaged in a foodie call.

It is important to note, however, that neither of these studies recruited representative samples of women, so we cannot know if these percentages are accurate for women in general.

For both groups, those that engaged in foodie calls scored higher in the "dark triad" personality traits.

Sometimes people simply enjoy each other’s company, and are ok with minor transactions taking place.

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Specifically, they accept a free meal under the guise of romantic interest.And do we really need to create specialized terms for every detail of life that has always existed in one form or another. Back in college I remember woman that would boast about going to the bars and not spending a dime. Francis, I agree that such behavior is gross and unbecoming.

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