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She reflects on breaking up with Blaine, and how he asked her “Why?” (8) in a way that searched for a singular cause in a way unlike his usual method of nuanced inquiry as a professor.Once Aisha is ready, they argue over the best color for her attachments, the fact that Ifemelu doesn’t use relaxer in her hair, and the tightness of one of the braids.While Aisha talks about Nigerian films, even asking if Ifemelu knows one of the actors, Ifemelu thinks about the responses she has gotten to her announcement that she is moving back.Her Aunt Uju believed it foolish while her friend Rayinudo, who she had kept in touch with and who told her about her ex-boyfriend Obinze’s current life with a wife and a child, welcomed her back.

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Almost startlingly quickly, Obinze was making big deals and courting Kosi, a woman who was not very smart but very beautiful and respectful.In his office, Marie brings him food as he writes his response email to Ifemelu, carefully leaving out any mention of his wife.It should be noted that Adichie uses the terms “America” and “United States” interchangeably in a way that is widespread in the United States and elsewhere but not truly correct.The email is short and brusque, letting him know she’s coming back to Nigeria soon but giving few details; however, Obinze focuses on the fact that she calls him “Ceiling” (23).

He thinks briefly of the previous set of emails they exchanged in which she told him she was dating a black American (leading Obinze to Google him spitefully); in response, he replied that he had never been happier in his life. Obinze soon arrives home to his wife, who is made-up and ready to leave for an event, and his sweet daughter.

Ifemelu gets off the train and waits for a taxi, hoping the driver is not from Nigeria.