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14-Apr-2019 01:29

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If a total stranger appears charming, ask yourself, “Why is he so hell bent on trying to charm me? Because, just like establishing trust prematurely, charm is no accident.Remind yourself that charm can be a form of control because people don’t think “charming and bad guy” in the same moment.The very warning sign that was designed to keep them safe…As you will learn from this post, much of this is about social conditioning.When a man shows up being a little too charming, nice or helpful most women are not conditioned to say,“Thanks but did you not hear me say f’off the first time?!This is a highly sophisticated way of manipulating someone and tricking that person into proving they are not what the manipulator has just suggested they are.Basically, no one really cares to be “labeled”, as it’s a bit of an insult.”Instead, you enter into a potentially deadly dance between the politeness you’ve been conditioned to offer, instead of paying attention to the warning bells you’re receiving.

While polite exchanges between people are common, a stranger volunteering too many details about why they are heading to the same floor, should be a warning bell.

As a woman, one of your greatest gifts is your intuition.

Yet why do we hear countless stories from women who have been victims of violent crimes, who ignored their intuition?

In most cases, that person (for whatever reason) may just have needed to find some way to connect on a human level.

However, someone volunteering too many details when they weren’t asked for, can be a way of distracting you from what your intuition otherwise might have picked up on. When people lie, even though you might actually be buying into their story, they aren’t convinced that they sound credible.It’s vitally important to know how to avoid violent attacks by learning about the early warning signs and clues-– before it’s too late…Whilst the men who are capable of every woman’s worst nightmare, know exactly how to lure a woman into a dangerous situation, the very ways they can do so leave clues.

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