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03-Sep-2019 02:55

True View utilizes in-stream, in-slate, in-search and in-display formats.In-stream ads or pre-rolls are typically intrusive and interrupt a viewer’s experience. A viewer must choose an ad to watch before they can get to their desired content.You’re not optimizing videos for social sharing Plain and simple—in order for your videos to go viral, people have to share them.

Let’s say you’re a video gamer and have a You Tube channel dedicated to gaming videos.You can’t rely solely on your social networks to generate significant viewership.You have to reach the right audience through blogs, social games, influencers, mobile apps, etc.For so long, people have been kept in the dark why so many videos are getting stuck once their videos reach 301 views.

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Fortunately, this year, somebody—Brady Haran of Numberphile—have fully investigated and finally discovered how and why videos are stuck at 301.In-search and in-display ads appear on the sidebar of related videos or when someone searches for specific content.