Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem

11-May-2019 06:56

Maybe that will help me avoid calling ATT for ‘support’ in the future.

These instructions are for configuring a Speedstream 4100 modem or a Speedstream 5100 modem to work with Cruzio DSL.

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My 5-second reset gave me the appropriate flashing lights, but obviously didn’t reset everything.

What I don’t know is why the modem stopped working in the first place.

To do this, I have the modem set up in Bridged Mode, so that the Airport Express can make the PPPo E connection (login to my DSL account). Because my modem doesn’t assign DNS addresses to computers on my network: it only works with one computer or router, so I have to have the Airport give our computers, i Pad, etc. To have it do this, I also have to set the Airport to login to ATT DSL (and tell the modem not to do that, which is called operating in Bridged Mode).

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If you bought your Speedstream modem from Cruzio, it should already be pre-configured to work with Cruzio DSL, and you should not need these instructions.What I do know is how to reset the modem and set everything back up again if this happens again (and I wrote myself instructions for when it happens again).And I know that there’s not a problem with the modem just because my computer can’t connect to the setup screen.But it’s been awhile since I set up the modem, so I wasn’t thinking about this…

I run a Motorola 3360 DSL modem with an Apple Airport Express base station.Optus Broadband customers with Optus Dial-up can access My Account Tools for both services from this one location.