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Boxall pointed to altering the Spruance-class destroyers into the Ticonderoga-class cruisers as an example of what the Navy is trying to accomplish, but added that the new ship would likely borrow elements from both the current DDGs and the Zumwalt-class destroyers now entering the fleet.“We looked at the things we already knew was out there,” he said.Our ability to project power thousands of miles from our own shores was underwritten by our unfettered ability to control the seas where we operated.This did not go unnoticed by nations with an interest in challenging our control of the seas, and we began to see the development of “anti-access/area denial” threats.

Apparently the higher resolution screens have been delayed so it was either go with the same screens used on the Sony DPT-S1 or delay the Max to the point where it would likely never get released.

Booxtor also gave a tentative retail price of 585 euros without VAT for the Onyx Boox Max, although that could change when it gets released in a couple of months.

That is equivalent to about 0 USD, which is about 0 less than the current price of the only other 13.3-inch E Ink ereader, the Sony DPT-S1, but Booxtor’s price doesn’t include shipping from Germany.

Future missiles are also driving the need for a larger ship.

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Missiles fired by surface combatants are going to need to travel further and faster.The next large surface combatant will have the Flight III requirements as a baseline with room to grow into later, he said.