Updating a dated kitchen cabnets

31-Mar-2019 21:56

updating a dated kitchen cabnets-28

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If yours features peeling wallpaper or boring laminate, changing the finish can help update your kitchen's look.For a crisp, cottagelike feel, white beadboard paneling is an ideal option.

If yours are made of a dark wood or laminate, your kitchen can take on a dreary look that cries out for updating.

Gold-tone or brass-colored drawer pulls and knobs can give your kitchen an '80s feel, so consider replacing them with brushed nickel or stainless steel pieces in a simple, contemporary style.

If your kitchen has old laminate countertops in an obnoxious color like lime green or orange, you're probably having some unpleasant flashbacks to the '70s.

Terrazzo is making a comeback and can coordinate beautifully with your cabinet color. Revamp your kitchen lighting to show your cabinets in their best light.

Task lighting is a must and pendant lights are both practical and pretty.

However, if you prefer a sleek, modern look, try painting your cabinets black, dark charcoal or chocolate brown.