Robert downey jr calista flockhart dating

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Après ma sortie, il m'a encore fallu du temps pour comprendre...

Jusqu'au jour où j'ai rencontré celle qui allait devenir ma femme.À l'époque, mon charme naturel et mon humour n'ont pas fait une grande impression sur Susan... Elle dit aimer mes contradictions car je peux être à la fois dingue tout en gardant les pieds sur terre.' Susan m'a sauvé la vie, tout simplement.

Je suis un autre homme depuis qu'elle est à mes côtés.

Elle a quelque chose de pur en elle, de beau et de fort.

With her, he said, he could enjoy monogamy for the first time: 'She was really grounded, a hard worker, and really motivated.' Most importantly, she wouldn't marry him unless he gave up drugs.

A tattoo on one shoulder reads 'Susie Q', in tribute; the other, 'Indio', the name of his 14-year-old son.

I don't know anybody better.' 'He is his own unique specimen,' Richard Linklater, who directed him in A Scanner Darkly (2006), said.

'One human body is almost not a large enough vessel for all he contains.' Sir Richard Attenborough, who chose him to play the lead in Chaplin, said in 1992, 'Robert is now Tom Cruise and a great romantic character actor in one.

If he chooses his projects right, the world will be his oyster.' Within a decade of that, Downey was more likely to be seen in prison-issue orange jumpsuits on court television than in costume.

Things began to look up: he carried more films than ever, 'accepting half as much and working twice as hard', and in 2005 released the wistful, wordy, jazzy album he had always talked about.

Film by film, he displayed an enriched persona and became less of an insurance liability.".'Downey's youthful brightness is his saving grace, and most probably the reason he looks so wholesome, unscarred by his tribulations, and more swooningly handsome than ever.