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06-Apr-2019 16:45

Barrie Schwortz, from whom I had acquired the replica, quickly corrected me. This coating, which the author first discovered on Mayan artifacts, so distorts the carbon dating process that objects on which it is found (such as the Shroud) are actually significantly older than the data show. Garza-Valdes’s findings since this new knowledge is of significance for archaeologists around the world. Leoncio Garza-Valdes came to discover, is that bacteria produce an organic coating (what he calls a “bioplastic coating”) over time on ancient textiles, textiles including the Shroud itself.

Barrie may have been the one lone agnostic Gove was referring to. id=dk CKAAAAMAAJ&redir_esc=y ) At that site I read: “In 1988, radiocarbon dating showed that the Shroud of Turin–long regarded as the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth–could not be from the time of Jesus but was of a more recent origin.

John Heller, a member of that team, stated that only three members of the team were true believers. All the reasons, mentioned above, that have been advanced for the age of the shroud being younger than 1325 years range from the highly improbable to the ludicrous.