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Méndez Núñez, said lawmakers were planning to convene impeachment proceedings on Thursday.He said there were sufficient votes to oust the governor. Rosselló is the first chief executive to step down during a term since Puerto Ricans started electing their governors in 1947.His administration is currently under investigation for how it spent government dollars following Hurricane Maria in 2017.Ricardo Rosselló said Wednesday night that he would resign as governor of Puerto Rico, effective Aug. The announcement came amid protests against his administration and looming impeachment proceedings. “We raised the salary of teachers in the middle of a bankruptcy,” he said.“I was willing to face any challenge, fully understanding that I would prevail against any accusation or process,” Mr. But he said he had “heard the demand of the people,” and was convinced that continuing as governor “would endanger the successes we have achieved.”He added: “I hope this decision serves as a call to citizen reconciliation.”Hundreds of protesters outside La Fortaleza, the governor’s official residence, went suddenly silent on Wednesday night when Mr.

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The crowd, shouting, grew restless as the 14-minute statement dragged on, but it burst into thunderous applause the moment he announced he would resign. We did it, we did it,” said Meralys Lebrón, 28, as she danced with friends to the beat of the drums. He showed us he was not the leader we need right now.”“This is historic. “I have never seen anything like this and I can’t even put it into words.

In a statement posted online just before midnight, Mr. Rosselló as governor, resigned last week when he also was caught up in a chat scandal that enveloped the administration.