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25-Jul-2019 05:30

Many pay per lead programs have secondary payout tiers for leads that become customers, which is advantageous.Pay per lead programs commonly requires a lead to: A pay per lead program is attractive because the bar is set low.To have your account reviewed for a revenue share increase percentage please contact your sales rep.The standard way to make money as an affiliate marketer is through sales commissions. • 51-100 Trial Joins in a pay period earns /join. We take the risk with our formula to pay you from to per lead. This is based on volume over time and starts at 60% revenue share. • 51-100 Full Joins in a pay period earns 0/join. The system is very intuitive so if you send traffic that is not targeted your earnings will reflect your per lead payout. We pay up to 60% revenue share for the lifetime of the member.For example, instead of using a generic homepage affiliate link, I can link to an article that relates to my post.

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A merchant with a low EPC could indicate that conversion rates need improving or the merchant is new. • 51-100 Trial Joins in a pay period earns /join. The commission rate is very weighted based on sales but that's not the only factor.