Nursing home dating

09-Jul-2019 21:20

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The Wall Street Journal spoke to Daniel Reingold, CEO of the parent organization that runs Hebrew Home, who touted the benefits of advanced age dating:"People need connection and affirmation, regardless of age, says Mr. Studies show that older adults who have strong social networks and high levels of social activity show less cognitive decline. There's a reason millennials shy away from big sites like and e Harmony: because it's better suited for old folks.

We know it can be hard to start dating for seniors who haven't done it in a long time.While the facility has always encouraged and protected the rights of its residents to form relationships with each other, the new program offers social worker-curated matches, based on dating questionnaires the residents fill out. Essentially, it's these social workers' jobs to be the nursing home romantic snoops, which is the most enviable nursing home job I can think of. )The team of social workers assigned to this particular task force assign matches based on clients' interests and what they're looking for in a relationship.Stitch hosts speed dating events for members only, but a quick Google search can reveal prolific local results for senior speed dating companies and events near you.

For seniors who are especially gifted at the art of picking up strangers in friendly settings, a senior meet-up can be a more natural place to get their flirt on.

Or, for the web/social networking-savvy, Seniors Meetups is a great place to join online communities and plan outings.

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