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Shelf life has always been an important factor in the development and testing of rations for the U. The food in these pouches is precooked and sealed at a high temperature; bacteria are neutralized and the food is shelf-stable even when stored at room temperature. This chart provides a good overview and summary of the findings gathered from their testing of MRE products: More about MRE Shelf Life The shelf life ratings shown in the chart above were determined by taste panels of “average” people— mostly office personnel—at the Natick lab.

government, MREs—or Meals Ready to Eat—are compact pouches that contain delicious, ready-to-eat foods. In more recent years, many foreign governments have started using them, as well. All MRE foods are packaged in triple-layer plastic/aluminum pouches that have better storage qualities for military use than heavy cans.

Due to the cumulative effect of time and temperature, a regular rotation of MRE’s within 5 to 7 years is recommended.

The shelf life of the MRE primarily depends upon the temperature at which they are stored.

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Moreover, catering to individual tastes and preferences would encourage service members to actually consume the whole ration and its nutrition.Therefore, even after the expiration of the MRE according to the shelf life chart, at least some of the items included within the Unit could still be worthy of use, keeping in mind some of the components may expire sooner than others.

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