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They build a temple, a statue and worship their leader.

Of course in time all of the original people who came with him die. After a few thousand years of people trying to leave the island and getting time warped, a few finally manage to get lucky and figure out the right direction, is it 305˚, 315˚, 325˚ who knows, but the secret is born.

( Ben Linus is there in the room when John Locke hangs himself.

) He joins at least two other folks who have arrived on this island as a corpse and were resurrected.

Pretty soon you will be able to select your window of departure through Expedia, although the selection of hotels and rental cars on the island is a little sparse. It did serve to deflate some rumors I've read concerning Jack's heritage, as if he's descended from a long line of Island inhabitants or some such thing. Sayid was in handcuffs like Kate, Ben went to the bathroom just before the turbulance like Charlie, not to mention showing up at the last second and Hurley crying out, he's not suppossed to be here. OK, is there anyone who doesn't think Ben killed Penny. I mean they pretty much have to give Desmond a good reason to go back to the island, so I think revenge will be it.

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Certainly predating Dharma by at least two decades.GAME GUIDE`s are here post your game here and ill make my best effort to post the right game guide....