Mandating of nurses

22-Jun-2019 19:24

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States with overtime legislation for nursing professionals include Massachusetts, California, Texas and Oregon.

In many of the states with overtime regulations, exceptions can be made during emergencies.

Just like Saint Agatha, nurses are known to be resilient to hardships. − You have no other choice but to switch shifts with your colleague.

For most nursing professionals, overtime usually means exceeding 40 hours of work per week.Mandatory overtime cannot be opted out of, and while some nurses may not mind working longer hours and even relish the challenge, for others, it can be an unwelcome intrusion into their free time, inhibiting the chance of establishing a healthy work-life balance.Given the problems that mandatory overtime can cause for hardworking nurses, the AMSN, among other groups, has adopted the position that overtime should be voluntary only, never mandatory.If you aren’t sure what prayer to say or how to ask for her help, here’s a prayer to St. Also Read: 30 Most Famous Nurses in History You know you will be grateful to know Saint Agatha when: − Someone uttered the Q word, the most forbidden word in hospitals. Also Read: 35 Nurse’s Prayers That Will Inspire Your Soul As any nurse knows, our profession is rife with uncertainty and difficulty.

Just when we think we already experienced the worst, there are never-ending surprises in nursing.

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