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I thought she was really mature though had be cunning as well but anyway many have different opinions.this drama is not an epic drama, and have flaws especially the bridge scene in the last episode.I enjoy the drama and story overall...i think the drama is no near bad...The Memphis attorney had always talked about finding the Cliff to her Clair and having brown babies for a real-life Cosby Show family.So when she met a White accountant from Mississippi online in 2013, got engaged to him in 2014 and married him in 2015, her friends were shocked."When he proposed, they were like, "We didn't know it was that serious.A long conversation with his mother helped him understand why some Black women in the family were hurt by his decision."When I was able to step back and put myself in their shoes, I could understand their perspective, even though I didn't agree," Hargrove says.Some of Hargrove's in-laws made it known that he wasn't welcome.


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Other thing i found is prime minister secretary is serious character meanwhile in city hunter he really funny character.the person Anne whose comment third below me, we are in the same team girl.thats actually that disappoint me that i had to stop watching on ep10 lol.I love watching those leading woman cause I find koreans pretty.Im already a full grown man by the way already 23 yrs old but really love to watch this kdramas.this cast is opposite character from city hunter...


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This pairing mainly rivals Flyna, (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna) and Angive (Ang/us and Ol/ive).

Whatever the other negative comments that I read here, I love the pretty partnership of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon they suits together, like Lee Jong Suk to Han Hyo Joo, for all leading ladies of Jong Suk I like them , both beautiful girls, have sweet personalities.