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In case you do pay with Credit Card please note we'll add 2.9% on top of your total invoice.

The full amount has to be paid immediately in Euro.

We are not responsible if we do miss bids during the live auction or skip lots.

Please note that the bid increment as shown on your screen may vary from the bid increment in the floor.

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Minimum prices are starting prices as well as reserve prices. Please always check the availability in import lots in your country. Should two bids have reached the same maximum price limit, the auctioneer has sole discretion to award the lot to the high bidder of his or her choosing; he may also declare the transactions at issue annulled, and repeat the bidding, at the very same auction session or the one after, for a starting price equal to the highest bid received in the hall or in writing and uncontested. From the time that a lot has been knocked down, all risks lie with the buyer, but all lots remain the property of the auction house until full payment has been effected.

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