Joey lauren adams dating

16-Mar-2019 09:14

She began her acting career as a child actress in 1977 with a small part in Exorcist II: The Heretic.

However, Lauren felt good to be one of the few women who was not distinguished by their bodies.Before now, most people thought she was bisexual as there was not much known about her past lovers, marriage or any acknowledged relationship that can prove she is not bisexual.But this is mostly due to the fact that she is excellent at separating work and her personal life.Despite the increasing number of tabloids that carried the news, Lauren never owned up to it which made many come to the conclusion that they wanted the true nature of things between them to remain a secret.

Hence, when they eventually broke up, no one knew how it happened or even what caused it.

The movie also starred Ben Affleck and Matthew Mc Conaughey.