Good genes dating

10-Aug-2019 19:37

Their looks were of the utmost importance in terms of their relationship status.They were supposed to be pretty, hot, cute or beautiful.Women, on the other hand, are less obsessed with the genetic makeup of their children and are looking for stability in a man, not just strong genes.Having a hotter wife is also the reason husbands are more attentive and motivated to make their marriage work.Your drunk mother, dying grandmother or overbearing neighbor may have once told you, “Marry a man who loves you more than you love him.” It's scary advice when you’re 14, 18, or still grappling in your 20s.But at a certain point, this advice comes back, ringing truer than ever.Men who are hotter than their wives, however, are more likely to take them for granted.

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Having a less attractive man means having someone who isn't easily going to drop you for a hotter girl.We’ve felt great taking him out, showing him off to our friends and taking Facebook photos with him.

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