Genoa dating

24-Sep-2019 15:11

In addition, some representatives of different sectors of society did not miss such an opportunity to forge, make copies and assign to other types of knives some features and elements of the Genoese knife, and as it turned out, this activity develops very well.

This contributed to the spread of Genoese knife samples in other parts of Italy, especially in Corsica, as there were found many specimens that clearly allow to determine the origin of the Genoese knife.

The handle of the Genoese knife usually does not condense to increase the penetration and resistance at impact.

There are different types of grips of the Genoese knife, in shape they can be too different from each other, both the material itself and the finish.

So it's useless to try to find any "common factor" or distinctive characteristics.

However, the classification is not so categorical, since each kind of this knife lends itself to variable classification, including there are other ways of grouping and dividing.

Undoubtedly, these weapons are dangerous and can cause significant harm in a combat encounter with other weapons (for example, at the Tenth Council of the Most Serene Republic of Genoa, September 9, 1699, an announcement was made on the prohibition of the use of the Genoese knife in the port).Also knife handles were made of metal, which is quite rare, especially the ivory knives.

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