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In humans, cellular and antibody immune responses are regulated by products of the genome called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Well, given the pressure placed on our ancestors to avoid disease, mating with a partner whose immune system is different might provide benefits to offspring.

This is because more varied MHC genes may code for antibodies that are better able to detect and respond to a wider range of pathogens.

» Related scientific publications Symmetry of attraction Our research has shown that majority of couples feel symmetrical attraction, that is, the strength of biological attraction they feel is similar for both partners.

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This genetic combination is favorable in all tested components, and large proportion of existing successful relationships share this genetic pattern.Join Now Wu K, Chen C, Moyzis RK, Nuno M, Yu Z and Greenberger E (2018) More than skin deep: Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-based attraction among Asian American speed-daters Evolution and Human Behavior. Henningsson S, Hovey D, Vass K, Walum H, Sandnabba K, Santtila P, Jern P, Westberg L (2017) A missense polymorphism in the putative pheromone receptor gene VN1R1 is associated with sociosexual behavior. Horton R, Wilming L, Rand V, Lovering RC, Bruford EA, Khodiyar VK, Lush MJ, Povey S, Talbot CC Jr, Wright MW, Wain HM, Trowsdale J, Ziegler A, Beck S (2004) Gene map of the extended human MHC.Nat Rev Genet 5(12):889-899 Moutafi J, Furnham A, and Crump J (2003) Demographic and personality predictors of intelligence: A study using the Neo Personality Inventory and the Myers-Briggs type indicator.The evolution of odour preference When we think about the evolutionary threats faced by our ancestors, we like to imagine sabre-tooth tigers and angry, spear-wielding tribesmen.

In reality, a great deal of natural, and indeed sexual selection, was driven by the pervasive threat of communicable disease.Biological attraction is the subconscious attraction we feel for certain individuals without really understanding why.

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