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There is dialogue, where you can have them say or communicate something to someone else, and then there are actions where you actually cause them to physically do something.Actions: In a roleplaying chat room, action is generally indicated by saying exactly what your character is doing, and then placing those words inside of opening and closing action marks.Our chat system currently has the ability for users to log in as guests.This allows you to enter and get a feel for the action and conversation, while you wait for your official profile to be approved by the Administrative staff.

The chat system that we employ contains multiple rooms which can be used for roleplaying purposes, each representing a different location.You can choose to use either the present or past tense, and can write with either a first person or third person perspective depending on your personal preferences.However you should try to maintain tense consistency throughout your writing.This is called staying In Character (IC) and it is vital for maintaining the integrity of the stories being told.

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If you absolutely have to say something Out Of Character (OOC) then you should try to do so in private messages to the specific person.

You can then interact with other people playing fictional figures using forums, blogs, profile posts, pictures, videos, and this chat.

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