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The key to Snapchat is that people take a picture (called a “Snap”) and then write on top of the message to convey how they are feeling An important features is that the messages are deleted after you look at them.However, you can screenshot a “snap” if you want to save it for later.Originally created solely for Chinese users, QQ is now popular worldwide.We Chat is an instant messenger app much like FB Messenger or Whats App – created by Tencent in China.QQ is a feature rich messaging service that even has its own currency “QQ Coin” that can be used to acquire in app items.QQ has a built in translator, gaming features and allows video messaging.Facebook has creating connections and community building at its core.It provides an online space where you can share content from any area of your life and others can get involved by liking, commenting, sharing and planning.

There is a best friends feature that is updated depending on who you speak to most.

The idea is that you capture moments from your life and turn the images into an artwork.

Instagram has a great deal of filters that you can apply to your image, or you can take a quick “boomerang” video.

Instagram now has a popular “stories” feature much like Snapchat – where you can view a stream of snippets about people’s lives.

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This is a popular advertising channel as the advertisements are really easy to insert into stories.

Viewers can interact with the community on the chat, subscribe to a streamer and even chat with the streamer while they are broadcasting.