Eben pagan dating advice for women

05-Sep-2019 03:42

So, how do we align the physical, mental, and emotional so we can do our best work?

In Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book, Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience, he says that skill and challenge must be matched.

If we have too little skill, we end up feeling anxious.

If we have too much skill and too little challenge, we experience boredom.

We incorrectly believe that if we rest, we won’t come back. By not honoring our natural cycle of rising focus and energy and then the natural period of downtime and recovery, eventually we burn ourselves out.

It turns out that if we just relax for about 20 mins or so, the energy cycle comes back all by itself, naturally. Burn out is much harder to recover from than simply allowing the cycle that is already occurring naturally.

For you, this is whatever grows your business and your profit the fastest.

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Or worse, we go and eat some sugar or have caffeine.

By adding mini rejuvenations throughout the day in the form of high quality intention breaks, we bring this power into our actual work experience. Set it for an hour, or 55 mins, and turn off all distractions.

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