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He eventually took up acting and signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1928 where he worked in at least two major films, The Bridge of San Luis Rey and Trader Horn.

In January 1933, Renaldo was sentenced to serve two years in federal prison and fined 00 on conviction of falsely claiming American citizenship, falsifying a passport, and perjury, but he eventually was pardoned by President Franklin D. He found minor roles at Republic Studios and other Poverty Row studios until he convinced Republic head Herbert Yates in 1939 to introduce a Latin cowboy into The Three Mesquiteers series.

This is authentic World War II history from beginning to end, 1938-1946, in a compact package; original broadcasts as heard on the air by those who were there.

Highly recommended for educators as well as casual listeners.

I was a real "horse nut" when I was a kid, but Diablo was beautiful! It was about a bandit like Robin Hood who took from the rich and gave to the poor.When the inebriated team captain Jack Gaines (Nugent) gets into a fight, Granville takes the blame.Granville is suspended until Gaines confesses, and Gaines wins the game for the college. Renaldo claimed in his defense that he was born in Camden, New Jersey and only later raised in Romania as Basil Couyanos by people whom he sometimes referred to as "mother" and "father", but other times by their Christian names, Demetri and Theodora. He claimed Romanian nationality when he took a job on a French freighter, and entered the United States in 1917, registering as a foreign seaman; in court records, he claimed that this occurred four years later in 1921, but the prosecution produced evidence that he was listed as a coal passer on the S. Puget Sound in 1917, and first entered the United States when this ship landed at Baltimore, Maryland that year.

Failing to support himself as a portrait painter, he tried producing short films.

In the age of black-and-white television, the show was filmed in color. His illustrations are ink sketches of idyllic scenes, primarily seascapes and landscapes. Two of his large paintings of members of the Maasai tribe whom he met in Kenya while filming Trader Horn were prominently displayed in his Santa Barbara home in 1971.