Dating unicorn

15-Jul-2019 00:08

These are so common that people who have seen this play out before will often have a strong, negative reaction to your initial introduction before you have shared any details. My goal with this article is to lay out why these people had the reaction they did, why it was so strong (!

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If anyone has ever described the idea of societal privilege to you, it’s kinda like that.After much foot-dragging and many late night talks, the decision was made to go for it.But before they actually did anything precipitous, like posting in a Poly forum, they discussed these issues: Some have other specific issues that are important to them, but this list is what I’m going to focus on, and trust me, it is plenty.They have been together for over a year and are open-minded, tolerant, ethical, progressive people.

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Their relationship has some very good points, they genuinely care for each other, are committed, and tend to be open to new experiences.

You posted that you and your partner are ready to open up your relationship and find a special person to add to it. One thing that many of them said was that you are a “Unicorn Hunter”.

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