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31-Aug-2019 15:01

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If you’re a woman travelling or walking around on her own, or are noticeably a foreigner, you’re going to get LOTS of attention.Whether it’s unwelcome (via catcalling or public transport harassment) or more benign (via friendly men at bars and parties), it’s bound to happen.f you’ve lived in a conservative or traditional household in South Asia, you probably know that dating isn’t the norm.It can feel like you eat, breathe and marry who and what your parents pick out for you, and any sort of illicit dating activity is conducted with the utmost stealth and cunning.If you’re at a nice bar, restaurant, private hotel or resort beach, of course a bit of romancing won’t be remiss.Whether you’ve matched on Tinder, meeting someone at a bar or just been introduced to them, the chances are they’re related to, colleagues of or former lovers of a whole bunch of people you have met or will meet in the future.Pre-packaged tours tend to be a little pricey and impersonal, so you may want to craft your own plans instead.It’s not difficult to form a quick and casual observation that women don’t generally make the first move on this island nation.

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Be wary of being too affectionate in public, on public transport, streets, or even the back of tuk tuks as it makes people uncomfortable and clearly signals you out as an outsider.If you’re a foreigner navigating the murky waters of the sunny island’s dating pool, or just a tourist couple here for a bit of romance, there are a few things you should know in advance so you can err on the side of caution.

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