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16-Jun-2019 19:26

From business people to yoga teachers, All Souls attracts every type of individual, so you never know who is waiting for you to catch them singing to one of the classics that are bumpin’ from the jukebox.There’s something so alluring about establishments that are one thing during the day, then morph into something else entirely at night.This is another local neighborhood bar that is beautiful in its simplicity.They have uniquely crafted cocktails at a cheap price, which is always a great find in DC.This is a place that’s unexpected, where people can let their guard down more than they might at a nightclub or a grimy bar.

If you want that forever type of love, the music venues are your best option.

The best part: when you want to turn those sweet nothings into somethings, you can go to the hotel that’s literally an elevator ride away.