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12-Apr-2019 15:52

More than 90 percent of the approximate 120,000 Bukharans who lived in Central Asia at the time of the Soviet collapse emigrated to Israel or the United States.“When I met a lot of people who had family in Central Asia, they told me I had better go there quickly because everybody was leaving,” said Cooper, who has held research and teaching positions at Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan, and Boston University.

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“As an Ashkenazi Jew, it was so interesting to me to understand how different and diverse the Jewish world actually is.” The time spent at the Forest Hills school inspired her to launch her research on Bukharan Jewish culture and history – which sent her around the world to talk to Bukharans before they emptied out of Central Asia almost entirely.One of the interesting aspects of the community is they’ve had many different, disparate experiences.