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Since transitions occur much more often than transversions, transitions should increase faster than transversions.

In the case of substitution saturation, when multiple substitutions have occurred at each site, the phylogenetic signal is essentially lost and its effect is detectable because transversions gradually outnumber transitions.

ML trees generated in PAUP*, version 4.0b4a (Swofford 1998 ), were used in PAML, version 3.0 (Yang 1997 ), to reconstruct the ancestral sequences at the internal nodes of the tree with Base ML.

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This page contains useful information for the customers and vendors of these banks. Most of these HTLV-I strains are phylogenetically indistinguishable from STLV-I strains.Evolutionary data are transformed, or, more precisely, “canonically decomposed,” into a sum of “weakly compatible splits” and then represented by a so-called splits graph.In the Li93 method, sequences are pairwise-compared codon by codon and divided into three categories of sites; zerofold-, twofold-, and fourfold-degenerate sites.

Transitions and transversions are then scored after applying Kimura's two-parameter method to correct for multiple hits.for HTLV-Id STLV-I—AF04931, L46624, L46644, L46645, L76414, Y19060, Y19061.

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