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16-Jun-2019 17:55

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Deltas(s) from OP CMV: Incels may be correct about ethnicity being a huge disadvantage in dating and relationships in the west ( self. Didn't live in the worst part of my city but definetely not the best.There is a very real reason why light skinned black women are treated as more attractive by the American media than dark skinned black women, and no matter how uncomfortable that is to acknowledge it is something that still exists.The animosity shifts from time to time, depending on current events.No linking to specific threads in /r/askwomen in other subreddits.

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disadvantages of interracial dating

But I'm sure that in the back of my head the fact that they couldn't understand my culture and cultural obligations played some roll in the break up.

I've seen women of all reddit ethnicity dating races that I thought were attractive.

I'm actually mixed race, but my family follows a more Mexican-American culture. Violating any of these rules will result in moderator action.

My daughter gets to have pride in both of her cultures, we are both learning Swahili, and our favorite food is East African.

The influx of mobile dating apps with the “swipe” functionality has made the process of selecting potential romantic partners a lot more shallow.

Beyond that, not one of those things has anything to do with physical appearance, which is what the OP in this thread is talking about.

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