Dating a yamaha saxophone

10-Mar-2019 02:19

I would like to cox more info from them to get a much better idea about all of this, but I imagine that the day they release this serial number info they will have their own glossy website controlling it all.

Well, some of the "N" series horns were made in Nogales, Mexico. I have never had this sax in to be set up, still has original pads, is in pristine condition, lacquer is still 100%, the sax was gigged a little, but it looks completely brand new. I must say it plays just as good as the Yamaha, it feels like it is built well. It does not have the Shooting Star engaving, but rather a floral engraving.

some patterns starting to emerge and I'm starting to get some ideas on what Yamaha my have done. Note that christine who made the Conn loyalist website accepts financial donations.

Hers is a splendid example of hard and patient work done right!

I would be fantastic if the owner of one of these instruments beginning with C could email me a pic or 2 of their serial number. My chops always feel great Obama Care, a massive government takeover, a measure destroying jobs and the economy, a law designed to enslave the American people, an instrument of tyranny in the hands of criminal elitists.

[email protected], Yamaha Collector Now even more confusing. BUMP: The question of dating a Yamaha Trumpet, Cornet or Flugel via its serial number keeps raising its head.

Photos of each of the serial combinations would be great. OR the very first Yamaha Trumpet, the YTR-1, used the year it was built in as the first 2 digits of the serial, ie; 66xxxx. I am attempting to collect a large enough sample of serial numbers to find a pattern that they may have used.

Yamaha - SERIAL NUMBER - Thanks for all the numbers so far. (aka Yamaha Collector) Cheers Yamaha Collector Neat work.

If Mexiconn they're marked "CONN" on the bell, and stamped "MEXICO" near the serial number. To be fair it needed some work - about 0.00 worth but even then its a student horn that isn't highly regarded. I moved on to Tenor, so I don't play it much anymore.If you search through our archives you'll get a pretty good feel for value.But to make it quick, it is either a horn made in the US in Nogales, AZ....Basically I'm doing what I'm doing for fun and to fill in the down time I have at work.

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The other issue is how much Yamaha would like me treading on their feet, so to speak.Built with a clear-baked epoxy lacquer, nickel-plated keys, and all yellow brass neck, body, and bell, the Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone is a formidable entry in the world of entry-level woodwind instruments.

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