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I made music and Anna responded to it with drawings and paintings, apart from the last track, which I made after having seen her work,” Hebden said in a statement.

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For today's high school and college students all of that war is ancient history, and even for those who lived through it, most of its battles have faded. Like Pearl Harbor or the Cuban missile crisis, it sticks in our collective memory.

Lyndon Johnson was "psychologically defeated" by Tet.

Veterans need to stop blaming themselves, for if the commander-in-chief is defeated, the nation is defeated, no matter how well military forces in the field may have performed.

In fact, as University of Rochester Professor John E. troops first went ashore in Vietnam in 1965, 61 percent of the American people approved and only 24 percent were opposed.

Mueller documented in War, Presidents and Public Opinion (Wiley), the American public actually turned against the war in October 1967, three months before Tet. A plurality continued to support the war, albeit in decreasing numbers, for the next 31 months, until October 1967, when for the first time more Americans opposed the distant war (46 percent) than approved of it (44 percent).The decline was not due to the efforts of the anti-war movement, which, polls showed, was the most despised group in American society. "Either win the damn thing or get the hell out," was the public mood.

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