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31-Aug-2019 17:28

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Select last Row = Last Row In One Column(str Start Cell Col Name) Cells(last Row 1, 1). Paste Special xl Paste Values, xl Paste Special Operation None Application. We start by assigning the workbook where we want to consolidate the date to the variable current WB by using the statement: After this a looping construct has been used to go through all the inputs provided one by one and open the workbooks, it has been assumed these workbooks to contain on the data that we need to copy hence I did not specify the source sheet name, however this can be easily added to this code to add more functionality.

The current code will display a message box when it is not able to open any file and will stop.

This allows us to paste data onto separate sheets within the same workbook.

We then switch back to our main workbook and select the sheet where we want to paste the data, I have assigned this to the variable called “str Where To Copy”.

Sub Get Data() Dim str Where To Copy As String, str Start Cell Col Name As String Dim str List Sheet As Stringstr List Sheet = “List” On Error Go To Err H Sheets(str List Sheet). Select ‘this is the main loop, we will open the files one by one and copy their data into the masterdata sheet Set current WB = Active Workbook Do While Active Cell. If you want to learn how to develop applications like these and more, please consider joining our VBA Classes. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Doubt: Ask an Excel Question At, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

Exploration continues on lines 46-47, where we take advantage of the functions (which are defined at the very bottom as well as in the VBA Toolbelt, which you should be using) to easily identify the last-occupied row and last-occupied column on the source Worksheet. By dynamically determining the last column and last row on each loop, we can be confident that we’re getting all the data from each Worksheet. On lines 60-62, we check to see if this is NOT the first iteration. Each loop after the first, we adjust rng Src to skip the first row like this: Nice!The range is always the row after the header (this is fixed on all sheets) till the last row with data on a specific column.

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