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23-May-2019 11:06

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SINGAPORE — I feel sorry for Nicholas Lim, who has been outed as the peeping Tom who tried to film a female undergraduate who was taking a shower.

Now everyone knows who he is: a National University of Singapore Chemical Engineering student who has been suspended for one semester.

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Then the agencies go by the book too, investigate and decide on the outcome – without explaining how they reached the journey’s end.Contrary to what undergraduates think, it’s harder to fail a student than to award the student a distinction.In the field of behaviour, it seems a similar concept is applied.Depending on which lawyer you speak to, you will have differing views on whether this is a rare action on the part of the authorities which have thrown the book at other first-time voyeurs in the past.

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The discussion so far has been one-sided, with Ms Baey giving her account on Instagram and to media, and Mr Lim staying out of sight.

I gather that this is one reason undergraduates view Mr Lim’s suspension with such misgivings.