Agenda dating hidden in relationship

18-May-2019 13:47

He doesn’t want you to go out with your girlfriends tonight. I love to interpret blatant signs of immaturity as a sign I can swoop in, play teacher, and “fix” things.

I even used to proclaim, “I love a good project.” This was both self-aware and incredibly stupid.

Our first date I wrote it off as nerves, but by the third date, it became a running joke to count the number of questions he asked me.

I also tallied the number of times our conversation moved beyond anyone but him. Everyone knows what a narcissist is but seeing one firsthand was simultaneously hilarious and sobering.

Yet, I’ve also had to turn him down so many times already, I can feel my resolve wear.

Whenever I have a vulnerable moment, he’s there to swoop in to take advantage of my exposed emotions.

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I barely knew the poor guy, but he hung around like a lost puppy for three days until I politely informed him to get out of my house. The Leech latches on for dear life and can grow controlling using his well rehearsed manipulation tactics.

But it wasn’t, and I learned a valuable lesson: If you find yourself with this guy, just remember you’ll always come in second. The “Friend Zone” sucks, which is why you should always be up front about your intentions. Late one night, The Pretend Friend tries flirting and I grow uncomfortable, so I try letting him down easy.