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12-Aug-2019 06:22

You see, women who have been well-loved are not scared of dating because they know it leads to the ultimate reward: a partner in life.

That doesn’t mean these women aren’t scared as crap to be “on the market” again.

I walked down the aisle as a first-time bride in 2006. If you’re like I was, and having trouble imagining what grownup love (the reward) looks like, here are just some examples: I love being part of a couple – more than I even thought I would.

I have a travel partner, a constant dinner date, a cute guy to snuggle with on the couch each evening and most of all, the security of knowing that this smart, fine man always has my back.

With him, she felt safe, loved and adored every single day. It took some time but she had no doubt that she would go after love again.

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I didn’t know what being loved by a man looked or felt like. I certainly never got anything close to that from a man.So, in retrospect, was this reward worth the risk I took of getting help, doing some things differently, and putting myself out there? Do you sometimes feel overcome by the weight of the fear, confusion, and frustration of being single and dating?