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I have the impression that the OP is using the label "accents of all kinds" for things that fall in, at least, two very different categories: some are true accents, such as the one in "á", and some others are not, like the one on "ñ".

The "á" in Spanish is still an "a" to all effects, but an accented one.

Usually, the Charlie Brown characters will partially restate the trombone "wah-wo-whas" in their reply, so as to keep the intended audience included in the implied other half of the conversation.

The decision to transliterate or not depends on the original language.

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My personal preference is to borrow them as they are, but I would like to know what style guides recommand and what is common usage in press.

"; "Follow these simple rules"; "abide by the rules" their manners and their morals to the community in which they live; and if they can occasionally obtain a degree of reverence for their supposed spiritual gifts, are, on most occasions, loaded with unmerciful ridicule, as possessing a character inconsistent with all around them.

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