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10-Apr-2019 17:30

Debt management plans primarily consolidate credit card debt, which happens to be the most common reason to consolidate debt.

But you can also add past due utilities, collection accounts, payday loans and medical debt for “payment convenience.” In other words, there isn’t a reduction in interest rates, but it can simplify and consolidate your bills.

However, the whole purpose of doing this is to reduce the interest rate you pay on debts as well as the amount you pay every month so it is important that have accurate financial records.

Here is a step-by-step sequence for getting a debt consolidation loan: Your new monthly payment and interest rate should be lower than the total you were paying.

That can be effective, unless you have a less-than-perfect payment history and low credit score, which means you may not be approved for a debt consolidation loan or bill consolidation loan, as it is sometimes called.

In either case, the loan you get will carry a high interest rate.

If you still can’t get a lower monthly payment and interest rate than you were paying, call a nonprofit credit counseling agency and go through a credit counseling session. Enter your current balances, monthly payments and interest rates under Current Debt Information.

Certified credit counselors can recommend your next course of action. Enter the proposed interest rate and repayment period under under Consolidated Loan Information. The calculator will show you how much you can save with a debt consolidation loan.

The drawback is that these loans require a good credit score, which might be difficult to achieve if you are already in debt.

There are several types of debt consolidation programs, and the goal of each is to reduce the interest rate and lower the monthly payment so you can pay off the debts in 3-5 years.

There are three major benefits of debt consolidation: The traditional method of consolidating debt is to take out one large loan from a bank or credit union and use that money to pay off several smaller debts.

DMP’s however, can pay the bills for you without having those debts accumulate interest.

Secured debts such as homes, property and automobiles can be refinanced, but are not considered good candidates for debt consolidation.Debt management is a form of nonprofit debt consolidation that will reduce your monthly payments and interest rates – all without a loan.